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  ....................delivering a highly professional product at a competitive price.  

Problem solving has always been an important consideration for our customers. The company has often been called upon to develop methodology and equipment precisely designed for the client's unique requirements. Whether it is capturing information with a combination of video and GPS, Voice/Sound, Automatic Traffic Counter output, other external sources or a standard video of a junction, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to solve virtually any problem.

Regardless of terrain, with the benefit of six-storey high masts and Land Rover's legendary off-road capability, our professionally trained drivers can ensure that our cameras are perfectly sited to give you the best possible result. Even in built up areas our Land Rovers can come into their own by getting onto awkward places like central reservations and embankments to get the best view.

High Mast Video can reach the places that your camera cannot.  Also, we can produce the most sophisticated video coverage, photographic evidence and data to prove we've been there.

  • We can measure traffic volume, speed and movement - integrating data output from speed guns and traffic counters with video recordings of traffic

  • We can complement this with registration number recording and roadside origin - destination surveys

  • We can monitor pedestrian behaviour and parking patterns

  • We can view building plots and land boundaries

  • We can survey properties from above

  • We can even picture the view from your new home

  • All from the most inaccessible of places that only a four wheel drive vehicle can reach - in all types of weather

  • Using the most advanced equipment; monitors, video recorders, computers and cameras

  • Operated with nearly twenty years experience behind us at a reasonable price that suits your budget